Still Life with Whale

Still Life with Whale


I visualize my surroundings by limiting my viewpoint: boundless stimuli are examined through the analysis of light, color, ambience and form –a strictly a perceptual response to environment. 

My work may begin with a plein air sketch, drawing, or color study and a photograph.  The composition is analyzed in my studio and then as I paint, my approach becomes an expressive formalist statement of my original inspiration.  The process is revealed in my work through multiple layering of washes, pigment and glazes.

My work throughout time includes several subjects, but my love of nature is revealed in my periodic return to the topic of landscape.  I am fascinated with observing intimate aspects of wilderness, which has become my “focus” series. 


Formerly from Florida and Montana, now an Idahoan. Exploring this vast and incredibly beautiful state has inspired me to create works that translate the affinity I feel with my surroundings.



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