Although I'm new to blogging, I have many years experience creating art. It has been suggested that I share my sketching and thought processes.  

It's taken half a lifetime to overcome the influences of the earliest "teacher", Russell R. Robinson, one whom I studied with at a high school summer scholarship program at Gulf Coast Art Museum continuing in his studio for several years afterward. 


    The process begins with a loose turpentine wash using translucent pigments, "pushing and pulling" the color shapes until the composition was somewhat established. Subsequent work on the painting involved the building of increasingly thicker paint shapes allowing previous layers to be revealed. 


    (Notes from the studio, one of 2 techniques taught)

    A few years later  I had the opportunity to study with William Pachner.  His "teachings" were more philosophical in nature, less dogmatic- in fact never demonstrated technique at all!

    (Notes from studio discussion March 1970)

    (Notes from studio discussion March 1970)